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Why Use Banners On Your Website?

On average, you will only have 10 seconds to impress your visitor, and that time is related to the quality content of your banners. To better use it to capture your website visitor’s attention, you should follow the following tips.

Be Objective In The Text

When thinking about a banner, people usually worry a lot about the images, but not so much about the text, and you need to be direct and say what your offer is right away. Choose the words well, reducing the amount of them and preferably increasing your font.

The text should have a lot of contrast between the background and the letters, making it easier for your visitors to read. You can also create a hierarchy within the banner for the webshop, using a title, subtitle, and a call button.

Less Is More

Banners with many elements tend to receive fewer clicks. You end up leaving the brain confused with so much information; the level of interest for loaded images is shallow, as it is harder to know where to start reading. You only need to put what matters on the banner

Compress The Images

If there’s one thing that matters on the internet, it’s the speed at which information is transmitted, and the banner can’t be different. The best way to make it load quickly is to compress it, but this should not lose quality. Please choose an appropriate program to do this task or ask an expert for help to reduce the size of the images, making them load faster on any device.

Always Use High-Quality Images.

This tip is essential and indispensable; whenever using images, try to get the ones that have the highest quality possible. Low-quality images end up driving away visitors and potential customers from your business.

Keep The Elements Aligned

See-through your website visitor’s eyes, would you like to visit a messy website? A sense of organization is essential; when things are aligned, they convey more responsibility, which is ideal for any business.

Create Variations With The Same Banner

When you create variations of your banner and place them on your website, you can analyze which one performs better. You can do this through Google Analytics, creating an A/B test that lets the arts run for a few days; that way, you’ll have a lot of information to understand what kind of art attracts your target audience when you make banners online (membuat banner online which is the term in Thai).