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Do’s & Don’ts of Dating

We’ve all been there- breakups, heartbreaks, ghosting on dating and what not. Let’s be honest Dating is tough. Between nerves and expectations, we often forget how to be attractive and liked. Today’s post is all about that! Do’s and don’ts of dating. Let’s get started!

Do communicate

It is your responsibility to communicate your feelings. Of course, not on the first date or some dates. If dates turn into dating, then I’m talking. When you are in the dating phase, you tend to get closer to each other and spend more and more time. Most people do not communicate their feelings due to fear. But without communication, dating becomes a guessing game with an emphasis on sports. And whenever we play the game, there is hurt, anger and resentment.

Do Listen more

We all like our voice, but when you get to know someone and the relationship is in the raw phase, calm down and take what has been said. Speak less and show interest by listening more.

Do Be faithful

This one goes without saying, but if your partner was betrayed, they might need extra reassurance because they can get into a relationship with more anxious concern about loyalty. No matter what relationship you are in, it’s important that both of you are clear about defining cheating.

Do Maintain Independence

By spending every moment with your partner, there is a possibility that you can risk losing your friends and family. In the longest-lasting relationships, partners maintain their sense of independence, see family and friends, continue to exercise and work hard, and make time alone a priority; balance is important. If you make your whole life about your new partner, you stress your relationship to be the only source of happiness and fulfilment.

Be You

Never be misleading when setting up for a date. There are many ways to flatter people around, and that’s fine, but make sure you are true to yourself and the one you are dating. We want to impress all potential partners, but it is never okay to just lie to get their attention.


Do not check your phone

If you keep checking your phone on a date, it shows a lack of interest and disrespect to the conversation, which is not acceptable. If you keep checking your phone then you are clearly telling the other person that your phone is more important than the person sitting opposite you. Just be prepared for a no.

Do not Talk About Past Relationships.

An old but a goodies dating rule, for a reason: Talking about past relationships and breakups becomes overwhelmingly fast, and the first few dates should be light and easy. Certainly, figuring out how someone’s past major relationships ended — and how you came to know about them, too — is a great way to get to know the person and connect on a deeper level. But there is plenty of time for that, so keep it off for the first handful of dates.

Do not get undressed

Being overdressed is better than turning up looking like an idiot. Your date will appreciate the effort you put in, and if they are not made as an effort, they will aim for the next time you meet.

Do not try and be perfect

None is perfect, and no one is looking for their perfect partner. No relationship is built on perfection, so there is no need to worry that your date is not greatly affected by your petty questions or silent habits. Your imperfection makes you perfect.

Do not think too far ahead

Enjoy this moment! Forget what will happen next and all the other things you are imagining in your head and just enjoy your date, focus on connecting and being happy at the moment.

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