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Sam Hatherall / 22 Mar 2019
5 Easy Ways to Increase your Profit Margins
A common question that regularly arises in almost all businesses is ‘How do we increas...
02 Oct 2018
SBE18 Speaker Sessions: Alan McLeish
Get some insight into Alan McLeish's professinal background. The man who turned a £300 ...
20 Sep 2018
New Start boost gives savoury sports snack business a crucial head start
Gutzi, a borders-based start-up which creates energy-boosting savoury sports food, has e...
02 Sep 2018
SBE18 Speaker Sessions: Mike McGrail
Mike McGrail from Velocity Digital tells us all about his workshop on video marketing an...
HR Dept / 31 Aug 2018
Tips for encouraging good mental health in your business
With several high profile celebrity deaths and a current storyline on Coronation Street,...
19 Aug 2018
SBE18 Speaker Sessions: Richard Hanscott
Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell, talks how he turned the brand into a leading digital mark...
CR / 02 Aug 2018
5 tips for being a better boss
However long you’ve been in charge for, we’ve put together five bits of key advice f...
Scottish Business Exhibition / 29 Apr, 2019
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Meet the team

 Ceri Rogers
 (The Boss)

Favourite food: Artichoke and truffle rissotto 
Wanted superpower: Mind reading

Founder of NS Events Group, Ceri is renowned for the hard work, passion and expertise that he puts in to creating hugely successful business events. Having run some of the country’s largest B2B events for the past 20 years, he shows no sign of slowing down. One thing that does let Ceri down though is his taste in football teams! Why would you want to feel disappointed and sad every weekend by supporting West Ham?


Cat Launchbury
(Creative Director)

Favourite food: Guacamole and tortilla chips
Wanted superpower: Ability to influence others’ emotions and feelings (like Mantis)

Cat is one of the most dedicated, hard-working individuals NS Events Group has ever had – she’s been a veggie for 3 years! Having worked her way to the top, Cat is now the core of the business, ensuring all things creative are done to the best level they can be. Although she may be late now and again (every day) she always ensures that she gives 100% into everything she does, and this radiates out to the rest of the team!


Alex Pike 
(Sales Director)

Favourite food: Steak
Wanted superpower: Time travel

Let’s iron this out, Alex is our very own qualified professional golfer and has been with us for nearly fore years! Having taken advantage of the great progression opportunities here, Alex’s career in sales is swinging in the right direction. His hard work ethic has putt him in charge of our fantastic sales team and he even runs his own event. His success shows no signs of fading (please excuse the puns).


Jo Cross
(Account Manager)

Favourite food: Cheese
Wanted superpower: Telekinesis 

Quality customer service to Jo is like what the Hammers are to Ceri. Having quickly progressed to become the Key Account Manager, Jo is responsible for liaising and looking after our exhibitors and clients, and has had a hugely positive impact on client satisfaction! The office and clients benefit from her warmth and infectious smile every day.


Sam Hatherall
(Marketing Executive)

Favourite food: Fajitas
Wanted superpower: Super strength

I have relished my time here so far! Starting off in the sales team to then becoming part of the marketing team, I have gathered a plethora of knowledge and skills - and not just on the ping pong table! Apart from being teased for being the youngest amongst the team, the only bad thing I can think about when it comes to working here is the over use of the heaters! 


Jamie Bennett 
(Senior Sales Executive) 

Favourite food: Roast dinner
Wanted superpower: Invisibility

Jamie tells us that he is happily married, but we aren’t sure whether he means to his wife Sophie or the job! Known for his friendly rapport and cheeky-chappy approach, Jamie is always the first in and last one out. With a great track record in sales, he is fully deserving of his senior position – perhaps not so at the local pool club! He is also the proud owner of Jasper, the office pup!

Gabriel Gillett
(Sales Executive)

Favourite Food: Lemon Chicken from the Chinese
Wanted superpower: Ability to fly

A friendly, kind and intelligent young man… is something that Gabe aspires to be. Always at the top of the call board, Gabe’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Having thrived at our most recent shows, Gabe showed just what he is capable of and is definitely a credit to the team. 


Toby Emery 
(Sales Executive)

Favourite Food: Pizza
Wanted superpower: Teleportation

Our very own Hulk Hogan, Toby has a lifetime goal of becoming a professional wrestler. Having previously worked in sales at Dyson whilst dabbling in a bit of traveling, Toby has got his feet firmly on the ground at NS Events Group and has become an integral part of the team with his enthusiasm and hard work. 


Alistair Winter 
(Sales Executive) 

Favourite Food: Whatever is going, except olives
Wanted superpower: To control time

Alistair is one of the newest members of the NS Events Group team and has certainly made an impact! Achieving 3 stand sales in his first month, he is a shining example and shows no sign of slacking off. More importantly though, he shows great potential on the ping pong table! 


Joe Bennett
(Sales Executive) 

Favourite food: Lasagne 
Wanted superpower: Shapeshift 

As our newest addition to the team, Joe has certainly dived right in and started extremely strongly. Settling in has been a seamless process, and his characteristics and potential show through every day – we can’t wait to see him become a successful salesperson, just like his dad! 


(Head of Barketing)

Favourite food: Chicken 
Wanted superpower: Have a scary bark 

33% Chihuahua, 33% Pug & 33% Jack Russell, Jasper is our adorable guard puppy. From weeing on the floor and stealing the toilet roll, to helping us type and chewing our fingers, Jasper never fails to make us smile! For meet and greet bookings please call 0330 1222 049 (we may try and sell you a stand too). 
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