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19 Aug, 2018
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SBE18 Speaker Sessions: Richard Hanscott

I'm Richard Hanscott and I’m the CEO of Yell.

How have the changes you’ve made help transform Yell into a leading digital business?
We've transformed Yell into the leading provider of digital marketing services by focusing on one thing and that's our customers; making sure that every single customer gets exactly the right program to meet their needs. 

What’s been the biggest challenge in achieving that success and how did you overcome it?
Probably the biggest challenge in us being successful is making sure that we've got the right people, the right products and above all the right service deliver to our customers every single day.

What will your talk be about at the event?
At the show I'll be talking about some examples that I hear every day from small businesses up and down the country and giving some easy-to-use tips and examples of how you can be more successful as a business online.

How do you see digital marketing changing in the next few years?
Digital keeps changing all the time at the moment I'd probably say one of the biggest changes is around social and the way in which small businesses need to really be successful both sharing and providing content on social but also listening; listening to ratings and reviews and having a two-way channel with their customers every day.

What’s the most interesting trend you’ve seen in the past year?
The thing I see changing most in the market is more and more small businesses beginning to understand how critical it is to be successful online and they're reaching out for help in making sure that they are successful with their own online presence.

What is the key element to having a successful digital business?
Having a successful digital business can be a complex thing to work out but at the end of the day you've got to keep focused on who your customers are, what their needs are or making sure that you're meeting them every day.

Why should business owners and professionals attend the exhibition?
Attending this exhibition will be a great value to any small business; you'll meet other people like yourself to share ideas with and I'm sure you're going to meet at least one supplier who's got some really interesting new ideas to help you grow.
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