25th & 26th September

You will have access to expert training that would usually cost thousands, network with the UK's biggest gathering of SME's, and even have face time with experts to answer your business questions. Simply get your free ticket today!

What's on for Business Professionals?


Connect with like-minded business people & grow your network for free in the dedicated area, hosted by four of Manchester's best networking companies.

Keynote Seminars

The 2019 Keynote seminars are delivered by some of the most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs in the UK, sharing tips and insights into their achievements.

Automation Workshops

Automation is the future. Learn how to get ahead using email automation, chatbots, CRM systems and workflow, and how it can help you hit your targets.

Tip - Learning a new skill to keep up to date in your line of work can vastly improve your career trajectory with your current job or future endeavours. Invest a bit of time in your skills to qualify for higher paying positions and best of all add another notch onto your CV!

Sales Workshops

Learn simple strategies to generate and convert more leads, consistently motivate your sales team, and boost your overall business profits with these focused group sessions.

Free Expert Advice

Free, straight talking, personalised advice about key business topics.
Get 20 minutes one on one with an expert to ask anything!

Marketing Workshops

Learn the best techniques for marketing in 2019/2020, tips direct from Google, how to write for social media, and how to understand data properly.

Tip - Don’t feel pressured into chasing a dream that isn’t yours. It’s easy to feel like you should be setting goals such as earning a certain amount or owning a better car, but there’s no point chasing other people’s dreams. So, don’t give time to any goals that are based on what other people expect of you, rather than what you want yourself.

Networking Breakfast

A 'by invitation only' breakfast networking session before the event starts, with key members of the business community. It's free to attend, if you'd like to request an invitation, do so today!

Cost Saving Clinic

Cutting costs is an often overlooked way to increase profits in business. Come and see the experts who can compare prices for you and show you where you can be saving!

Leadership Workshops

Learn how to keep your team happy, how remote or flexible working can improve productivity and great leadership and management skills.

Tip - Note down what you want to achieve in your career by the end of 2019. Look at your overall goal and break it down so you know exactly what steps you’ll need to take to reach that target and when you need to reach them by. Breaking it down into smaller milestones will alleviate the pressure of having to constantly look at the bigger picture. Focusing on the actions and not the goals will help you to maintain focus so by working to these milestones and not deviating, you’re much more likely to reach the end goal.

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