25th & 26th September

Discover tools to make your business succeed!

Google Digital Garage is a program from Grow with Google that offers free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business. Get new skills for a digital world and grow your career or business with workshops designed to build your confidence and help you thrive. 

"In the digital age, a basic understanding of how the online world works is useful and when it comes to business, it’s essential. We are delighted to bring the Google Digital Garage to The Scottish Business Exhibition and ensure everyone has access to free digital skills workshops and 1:1 coaching. We hope you'll pop in and get the skills you need to become more confident online and grow your career"

Ronan Harris, Google UK & Ireland Managing Director

The Topics

Delivered by Google trained coaches, each of these topics will help your department and the business as a whole to get more clients, become more effiecient and simplify your digital marketing. Or, if you are looking to further your career and learn new skills, why not learn from the best?

Simply register for your free ticket to the show in September, and then simply turn up to as many of the workshops as you like. No need to pre-book, and it's all free! 

Build a Digital Marketing Plan

Gain an introduction to the main digital marketing channels and how to use them to build a strategy.

What will you learn?

//  Learn about the main digital marketing channels and how they are used to help businesses
// Learn how to create and structure a practical digital marketing plan for a small business utilising the main digital marketing channels
// Learn about how to measure your plan for success
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Intro to Digital Advertising

Learn about search, social and display advertising and how to get started with advertising a business.

What will you learn?

// The main formats of digital advertising including search, social and display
// How to develop an advertising plan for a channel and measure success
// A practical approach for how small businesses can use digital advertising

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Social Media Strategy

Harness the power of social media for business to reach new audiences and turn them into valuable customers. 

What will you learn?

  //  The key social media platforms for businesses to use in 2018 and beyond
  //  How to build a social media strategy based on business goals
  //  How to define a set of brand guidelines for a business on social media
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Get your business visible on Google

Learn how to show up on Google Maps, plus ways to make your business more visible on Google. 

What will you learn?

  //  A hands on class where you can create a listing for your business on Google Maps
  //  Learn about the Google Search console and how it can help you monitor and maintain your website’s presence in Google Search results
  //  How to use the Google My Business platform to manage your business’ presence on Google
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Writing for Social Media

Learn how to create compelling content and develop a tone of voice that’s right for your business

What will you learn?

// How to develop a brand tone of voice for a business on social media
// Writing techniques to help hone writing for small spaces online
// The different ways of responding to customer complaints on social media
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Know Your Business With Data

Learn the value of insight-based marketing and discover how interpreting data in the right way can help your business grow.

What will you learn?

The role of web analytics in online marketing and what 'data-driven’ decisions mean for a business //
Understand the different insights available through online analytics platforms //
Learn how to interpret data and how to take action on it to help a business grow //
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25th & 26th September
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