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Company Address Registration Choices: best Deals

In the business world, a company’s registered office is its main location, where all official communication about the company is delivered. Promoter must identify their company’s registered office and keep required documents there during the creation procedure of a corporation or a limited liability partnership (LLP). Choosing and maintaining a registered office for a company will be the focus of this piece.

The registered office of a firm is situated here

It is generally accepted that a corporation’s registered office is where all official communication pertaining to the company is sent. The registered office of a company may be augmented by additional offices, such as a corporate headquarters, administrative headquarters, branch offices, or factories, among other things. However, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs simply requires that the firm’s registered office be registered. This means that corporations may open additional offices or locations without notifying the ROC.

The location of the company’s registered office determines its domicile (State of Incorporation). For an application to be submitted to the state or location in where your company’s registered office is situated, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) must be contacted, based on that location’s jurisdiction. Every time the company’s registered address office location changes, the ROC (Registrar of Companies) must be informed.

As part of the incorporation procedure, a registered office must be established

When incorporating a corporation, the registered office must be declared and supporting papers must be submitted. At the time of a company’s formation, the following documents are often needed to be submitted to the state:

  • A bill might be anything from a water bill to an electric bill to a property tax receipt.
  • An NOC from the landlord of the registered office is necessary.
  • Rental or lease arrangement between a landlord and a business.

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Make that the name and address on the power/water/property tax receipt matches the names and addresses given on the landlord’s NOC certificate and the rental agreement, in particular. Registered offices cannot be placed on undeveloped land or in a building that is actively under construction, for another. To be effective, the registered office might be placed in a commercial or industrial building. It’s possible that a corporation’s registered office is also a residence, depending on the situation.

According to the 2013 Companies Act, a temporary address may be declared. When filing incorporation paperwork to the government, this is beneficial if a company has yet to agree on a registered office location. Form INC 22 must be completed within 15 days of the company’s incorporation to designate the registered office location.

Change of Address on the Registration Documents

By filling out an INC 22 form, a business owner may declare the registered office of the firm and notify the ROC of any future changes. It is necessary to notify the proper government entities within fifteen days of any change in the registered office address within a city, town, or village. To transfer a company’s registered office outside of a city, municipality, or village’s limits, the company’s board of directors must approve a special resolution. The Regional Director of the ROC must approve the transfer of a company’s registered office from one jurisdiction to another jurisdiction within the ROC.