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Necessary Insurance Claims After A Car Accident

While traveling on the road, the last thing you want is to be a car accident victim. A car accident can injure you physically and invite expensive medical bills, which may create financial problems at home. Additionally, a car accident can damage a person’s mental health due to emotional trauma. 

Los Angeles car accident attorneys can help educate you about your rights and options. There are specific measures you should take after a car accident to set up claims. They are as follows. 

  • Seek Medical Help – The first thing you should do after an accident is to call 911 for medical help, if possible. If you are severely injured, ask one of the people nearby to make the call for you. Not seeking immediate medical help can be disastrous to your case. It is essential to treat and document your injuries when they are still fresh. Even if your injuries are not visible, you should still go to the doctor as some injuries, such as the brain and spinal cord, often take days or even weeks to become evident. 
  • Answer Questions Carefully – The police will ask you questions about how the accident took place. They may also ask you to fill up a form. Make sure to give them correct and honest answers. However, refrain from making any statements that indicate your fault. Try to maintain minimal contact and ask your lawyer to speak on behalf of you. 
  • Inform Your Insurance Company – Ensure you do not delay informing your insurer about the accident, as most insurance companies have restricted time limits. Failing to inform your insurer about the accident within the deadline may cause you to lose insurance. 
  • Gather Witnesses – If possible, try to talk to witnesses standing near the accident scene. Ask them what they saw and describe the incident in their words. If you find solid witnesses who are willing to give a statement to the police, make sure to borrow their contact information.
  • Gather Evidence – Evidence is a critical factor in any settlement. Gather material documentation of things associated with your car accident. It may include official medical reports from your doctor, photos and CCTV footage of the accident, police reports mentioning the breach of the law of the other driver, etc. If an accident occurs due to product liability, get your car checked and create reports of the defective parts to sue the car company or manufacturer. 
  • Estimate Your Car Repairs – Before filing a claim, make sure you take your vehicle to a car shop and have them inspect it physically to create an estimate of the cost of repair. To get the correct value of compensation, you need to submit this report along with your claim.