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How To Extend The Life Of Your Machining Center

Machining centers, recurrently, go through technical problems, which directly influence the useful life of the machines responsible for production on the factory floor. Today, there are a few ways to deal with this type of problem and solutions, such as maintaining the machinery (to prolong its useful life) and renting state-of-the-art machines (avoiding problems with old and outdated machines).

Track key solutions to improve machining center conditions and ensure uninterrupted production continuity.

5 Solutions To Extend The Life Of Your Machining Center

1- Keep A Machine Service History

It is essential to keep a “diary” with records of all services performed by a particular machine, as well as forecasts for preventive maintenance (and dates of completion of those already carried out). In this way, keeping the maintenance calendar up to date and organized is possible.

2- Train Employees So That The Machines Are Operated Correctly

Employees who operate the machines must have experience in the subject so that the use causes less wear and tear on the machining center. For this, operators must be adequately trained and know how to take care of the machinery during and after their respective functions.

3- Identify What Most Causes Machinery Breakdown

Part of the actions to increase the life of the machining center concerns the management of the main causes of machine breakdowns. By finding out what else causes equipment breakdowns, it is possible to prevent them from occurring.

4- Maintenance

The presence of even a small fault in a single part can cause the entire machine to overheat, for example, bringing significant losses to the industry. That’s why maintenance is so essential, when done preventively, to anticipate and solve problems. Maintenance is carried out through revisions already provided for in the equipment manual and scheduled in advance from the installation date.

To carry out maintenance properly, it is possible to rely on companies specialized in the subject which carry out the monitoring of machinery, from purchase to installation, and all subsequent monitoring and follow-up, with assistance technique for several brands and supply of spare parts.

5- Rent Quality Machines

Renting quality machines is an assertive way of ensuring the full operation of the machining center.